Having taught in schools for just over 20 years now, my standards are pretty high… needless to say Activ8 has scored a hat-trick! Dan has a genuine talent in not only coaching youngsters but also developing their confidence, team spirit, building self-esteem and respect in all the young people taking part in his fun packed sessions! These sessions are well organised and meticulously planned to progress and develop each child’s skills, fitness, tactics and game play. All abilities are catered for and each child is made to feel important in their team ethic.

Dan is an excellent role model and has fantastic enthusiasm which is passed on to the youngsters he coaches. My son Fergus has loved his Saturday mornings since he was 6 years old (he will soon be 11). He gains much from the physical exertion and the opportunity to mix with players from a range of ages in a safe and fun environment. Activ8 is everything a football academy should be and more… It is a pleasure to be part of such a welcoming and friendly organisation – Thank you Dan!


Karen Lamb